Thursday, July 22, 2010

Makoto's Marrakesh

In her blog Bon Jour de Paris, Makoto Fukuda shares snippets of her visit to Morocco. She writes her report on the streets of Marrakesh.

Makoto shares that the city of Marrakesh is teeming with outdoor shops. Whether the goods are cheap or not depend on your bargaining skills. She was quite nervous at first but as she got used to it, she felt great upon haggling a good price.

The shop clerks are friendly often attempting the standard "Konnichiwa" and "Arigato."

Look at this particular tight shop overflowing with goods. Although she took so much trouble looking for a nice pair of Morrocan clogs, her efforts came to nothing.

But that's how it is in Marrekesh.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Yuki's Healthy Summer Eats

NonnoTown Blogger Yuki shares her original recipe for summer.

Summer is fast approaching and cold noodles are again becoming a popular dish among the Japanese. But it becomes boring and unappetizing fast. Running out of recipe ideas makes cooking a tiresome and uninspiring.

The standard ingredient for cold noodles is somen (Japanese wheat flour noodles). It is served with broth that is blended with various condiments. There isn't much to the dish plus it doesn't have enough nutritional value.

Time to spice up the standard menu. Yuki's Homemade Vegetable and Noodle Salad might just do the trick.

With tomatoes containing loads of Vitamin C and Lycopene, lettuce that has fiber and Beta-carotene, and iodine filled seaweed, this dish is an energy booster.

Long stringy egg and sesame seeds are also added as garnish.

The myriad of colors is pleasing to the eyes and enough to whet your appetite.

Yuki recommends Ningyocho Imahan dressing as a final touch. Something she picked up in one of her dinner dates with her husband.

The result is a mild sesame seed flavor with the perfect mingling of all the ingredients. Both flavor and aesthetics considered, it's a break from the usual monotonous summer fare.



夏が近づき、ランチには冷たい麺類が食べたくなります。でも、意外とワンパターンになりが ち・・・。暑さのせいもあって食欲も減退し、お家ランチはつい適当にすませがちなりますが、これではいけない!!と奮起し、夏の定番メニューであるそうめんを使ったメニューを考えてみました。

そうめんというと、めんつゆに薬味を入れていただくのが定番ですが、そればかりだと飽きてしまいます。しかもそんなに栄 養も摂れない・・・。


そして上か ら胡麻をたっぷりふりかけるのが大好きです。


仕上げには『人形町今半』の金胡麻ドレッシングを。主人が 会食で訪れたときのお土産です(笑)

工 夫次第で美容にも健康にも配慮した、美味しい夏バテ撃退メニューが完成です。

Mouton Boots

Studded fur boots from W&M (Japan) is an elegant way to liven up your wardrobe. The furry texture on the ankles adds drama while the studs are an extra cool factor. Looks great with either pants or a skirt. (Y34,650)


マットなツヤ感や上品な風合いが魅力のムートンブーツ。履き口にリッチなボリューム感があり、メリハリの 効いた足元を演出してくれる。スタッズをぐるりとあしらってクールなアクセントもしっかりプラス。パンツにもスカートにも似合うフォルムで軽快に履きこな したい。